One of the most feared things for many cooks is making gravy.  Gravy can be unpredictable
and often turns out lumpy or parchment tasting.  A gravy is supposed to be absolutely
succulent.  Many otherwise accomplished cooks make lousy gravy if they can make it at
all.  Here’s my mother’s own gravy recipe.  I have never tasted a better gravy,
ESPECIALLY when it is made with roast turkey stock!

When cooking, frying, or roasting almost any meat, there remains in the pan a liquid
that comes out of the meat during the cooking process.  Sometimes there is no actual
liquid, but rather a caramel color residue which remains in the pan after the cooking
process.  These substances are very valuable to the cook and for the taste buds!  From
these substances you make gravy. 

In a clean jar put about one and a half cups COLD water (must be COLD water) and then
add about two and a half big tablespoons of flour.  Put the lid on the jar and shake
vigorously for a couple of minutes until mixed.  Keep this flour water READY.

Now add enough COLD water to the pan where the meat was cooked to make just enough gravy
for your needs.  (Make sure you use COLD water).  The less water you use the better and
richer your gravy will taste.  Make sure you have at least a quarter inch of water in the
pan, however.  Usually you can have a half-inch or more though.  While bringing this to
a gentle boil (right in the pan where the original cooking was done) use a fork to stir
up and scrape any residues from the bottom of the pan so that it dissolves and mixes in
with the water.  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.  Make sure ALL residues are dissolved completely
in to the water and make sure it is GENTLY  boiling before proceeding to the next step.

Now pour about a quarter cup of the flour water from the jar in to this boiling “stock.”
Make sure your jar of flour water is shaken up well before adding it (the flour can settle
in the jar).  Stir the mixture in the pan slowly with a fork (and it probably will no
longer be boiling after you add the flour water).  DO NOT STOP STIRRING.  KEEP THE HEAT ON.
Stir about one minute to see if it thickens, if not, add another quarter cup of flour
water from your jar and keep stirring.  Keep doing this adding more flour water each time
until your gravy “starts” to get thick.  At this point your gravy may or may not be
boiling.  If not, BRING IT BACK TO A BOIL AND THEN SHUT OFF THE HEAT.  Your gravy is done!
Add a  little salt and pepper and onion powder.  Stir.  

Serve this gravy over  the meat and anything else on your plate.  

This recipe makes the best Thanksgiving turkey gravy and it even works well with fried
ham stock.  Truly nectar of the Gods.