In our modern world many things have changed.  Some for the good, some for the worse.
One thing that changed for the worse is that in using modern quick growing methods, a
lot of meats no longer have the same rich taste as meats that were grown forty years
ago.  There is one exception, however.  TURKEY!  Turkeys seem to even taste better
than the turkeys raised two generations ago.  Making soups out of modern raised meats
just donít seem to have the same flavor they had long ago.  However, this is not true
if you use turkey for your soup.  This soup is a very tasty, full-bodied soup, light
yet a meal all by itself!  Packed full of nutrition and very fat free and healthy.
Turkey naturally has very little fat yet is very flavorful.  You can make a big pot
of this soup and your family can enjoy it everyday all week.  Very inexpensive to make!
My momís family recipe.

2 thawed and rinsed turkey drumsticks (found in any supermarket and very inexpensive)
1 large onion
1 carrot and celery stalk (medium to large)
Salt & black pepper
Parsley, 2 medium potatoes
1 qt. Cooked noodles (optional)

Simply fill a 12-qt. pot with about 7 quarts of water.  (If after making this soup you
find that a more intense flavor is desired use less water the next time you make this
soup.)  Place 2 big, thawed and rinsed turkey drumsticks in the pot.  (Turkey drumsticks
can be purchased at any supermarket and they are very inexpensive.)  For extra flavor,
throw in a couple turkey necks also.  Cover the pot and bring to a boil.  As the water
is coming to a boil there may be a scum that begins forming on the surface of the water
in the beginning.  Keep skimming that off and discarding it.  Once the water comes to a
boil throw in 1 or 2 large cut up onions (cut up any olí way).  Also throw in 1 or 2
peeled carrots and cleaned celery stalks (cut up).  Also throw in about a half-teaspoon
salt and black pepper. Cover the pot again and simmer at very low heat for 1 hour (adjust
heat to make sure the water inside is boiling very gently).  When you cover the pot leave
the lid aside just a little bit so that the steam can readily escape.  Stir occasionally
if you want.  After the 1 hour is up throw in some fresh washed cut up parsley.  Peel and
cut up 1 or 2 medium size potatoes and throw them in too!  Also you can throw in a couple
tablespoons of rice if you wish.  At this point you can put in any fresh washed and cut
up vegetable you like.  Sometimes a can of corn is nice.  TIP: But donít ďcramĒ the pot
too much or the soup will turn out more mushy than ďbrothy.Ē  I like my soup more brothy.
After doing this cover and let the soup come to a gentle boil again then continue cooking
for another hour or two until the meat is falling off the bones when you poke at it with
a spoon or fork.  (Stir occasionally.  Make sure the cover is aside a little so that the
steam can readily escape.)  When finished remove the turkey legs from the soup and let
cool so you can touch them without burning yourself.  Then CAREFULLY pull the turkey off
the turkey legs and tear into small shreds carefully looking for any bones and discarding
them.  Put the small pieces of turkey back into the soup pot.  Stir.  Your soup is now
done!   Ladle some out into a bowl and add some cooked  noodles to your bowl if you wish
(any kind).  HINT:  Any soup has more flavor when it is not too hot.