Here is my version of a light salmon luncheon.  This loaf can be cut into slices
and put into sandwiches with mayonnaise or it can be simply plated for a main meal
with any side dish.  This dish also encumbers all of the typical favorite luncheon
flavors and it is very light.  A great treat for any occasion.  Can be used in finger

One 14.75  oz. can of salmon with juice 
4 tbs. of grated Colby or Cheddar cheese
5 oz. of sour cream
One-quarter teas. of salt and black pepper
One-eighth teas. of dry dill
One-half large gherkin dill pickle diced up
1 medium chopped onion
One-half celery stalk chopped up
One-eighth teas. lemon juice
1 tbs. of Parkay (only) margarine
One-quarter cup of milk
1 teas. of yellow mustard
One-half loaf of FRESH bread cubed up

Mush all of these ingredients together in a bowl using clean hands then put the
resulting mixture into a meat loaf pan.  Make sure you include the juices from the
can of salmon in to the mixture.  Pat the mixture down a little in the pan.  Bake at
350 degrees for about 1 hour and 15 minutes or until the edges get a deep brown.  Bake
for 1 and a half hours or more for a more dry and firmer, less dense loaf.  After
baking let loaf cool in the pan then slice around the edges of the pan with a knife
then turn the pan over and try to knock the loaf out upside down on to a big plate.
Or, you can just slice it right in the pan to avoid possible breaking of the loaf
(recommended if not using a non-stick pan).  This dish is very popular with ladies for
some reason.  You can try including one-eighth teaspoon of baking powder in to the
mixture for an even fluffier, spongier loaf.