Wow!  This one is popular. This is a killer steak. Steak lovers will hang around your
door to get you to treat them to this broiled steak. My late brother Norbert Sanek taught
me the basics of this recipe years ago. It is one of my favorites to serve to guests.
But I donít spoil them by serving it every time. This steak MUST be made with one of
only two cuts of meat. You must use either shank or rib steak.  Also, you must use
La Choy brand soy sauce. This steak tastes better when cooked under a broiler than on
the grill outside, but you can try both methods!  Divine!

Steaks (Rib steak or Shank)
La Choy Light soy sauce (if you use another brand it will ruin the recipe)
Half-teaspoon lemon juice (preferred) or Meat tenderizer (shaker) 
Accentí food flavor enhancer or MSG (shaker)
Garlic powder
Black pepper (use NO salt in this recipe!)
PAM  cooking spray

Buy a couple steaks (shank or rib steak).  Remove from package.  (If you bought shank
steak there will be a thick membrane around the edge of the steak. Cut this all the way
through all around at about one inch intervals otherwise the steak will cup up during
broiling.) Place one steak on a medium sized plate. Now sprinkle the side facing up
with La Choy soy sauce so that just the top surface of the steak is covered letting
some soy sauce fall over the steak onto the plate a bit. Do not do the other side of
the steak. This is the foundation of the recipe. Now shake some meat tenderizer (or half
teaspoon of lemon juice) over the steak.  Now shake some Accent or MSG over the steak.
Now shake a generous amount of garlic powder over the steak. Next shake ground black
pepper  over the steak. (Remember, we have not done anything to the other side of the
steak yet.) Now take a fork in one hand and another fork in the other hand. Holding the
steak down with one fork, start jabbing the steak all over very thoroughly with the other
fork. Jab all the way through. Cover the whole steak with the tiny jab holes making SURE
you jab up any tough or fatty areas well too. This is hard work but trust me, itís well
WORTH it!  This process forces all the good flavorings right into the meat!  After your
arm has rested, flip the steak over and repeat this process on the other side of the steak
omitting the soy sauce, however. Make sure you rub the untreated side of the steak around
in the soy sauce on the plate first to get it covered with soy sauce too. Try not to add
more soy sauce from the bottle though. Now spray both sides of the steak lightly with a
little Pam cooking spray. When you are done, repeat the entire process for the other
steaks exactly.  Broil the steaks under your kitchen broiler until the edges are kinda
crispy on one side.  Check them every minute! Then flip the steak over for two more minutes
only.  This steak is ultimate.  NONE better.  Trust me, itís worth all the trouble.  ENJOY!