This is my momís white sauce recipe.  She used it mostly for Thanksgiving leftovers.
She would cube left over turkey and stuffing and then mix it in to this white sauce
then serve it hot over toast.  A delightful and succulent way to serve leftover
turkey but it can also be used with chipped beef or ham, sliced up polish sausage,
cooked noodles, large chopped chunks of hard boiled eggs, cooked cauliflower or
veggies, just plain over toast, leftovers, or with just about anything.  Try this
recipe for a new adventure in cuisine.  Use your imagination after learning this
super recipe.

3 cups of milk
1 stick of butter
6 tbs. of flour
One-fourth teas. salt and black pepper

Heat 3 cups of milk in a sauce pan just to the boiling point but NOT BOILING.  While
it is heating melt 1 stick of butter (butter only) in another sauce pan then remove
the pan from the stove.  Then add 6 slightly rounded tablespoons of flour in with the
melted butter then stir the butter and flour briskly until mixture is smooth.  Just
about at this time the milk should be hot enough (it doesnít have to be boiling).
Pour about one-half cup of the hot milk from the pan into the pan with the butter and
flour mixture and stir it in briskly until smooth.  Then pour another half-cup of the
hot milk in and stir briskly until smooth.  Keep adding the hot milk in this way until
all the milk has been added and the whole mixture is creamy smooth.

Then put the pan with this creamy sauce in it back on the stove and bring it just to
the boiling point stirring gently the whole time using low heat.  Then turn heat off.
Now add one-fourth teaspoon of salt and black pepper and stir this in well.  Now your
sauce is complete.  Serve it up over (or add) cooked chunks of chicken, turkey,
vegetables, potato, or slices of beef, or just plain over toast.  A simple, hearty,
yet elegant touch youíre sure to embrace.  Scrumptious is all I can say.  Your family
will love you for this one.