Hereís a warming winning winter recipe.  Light and quick to make.  Try this one on a
cold winter afternoon.  Simple, delicious and steaming.  You can go out and play in
the snow after a bowl of this delightful inexpensive soup.  Excellent for dieters.
This soup tastes watery at first, but in a few hours the flavors magically infuse in
to the potatoes especially after being cooled and reheated.  The longer it sits the
better it tastes.  Itís a special soup handed down from generations of Europeans on a
low budget.  This one is specifically Hungarian and known only to me that it originated
from my grandmotherís line in old Hungary.

8 medium size peeled potatoes
1 pint sour cream  (DO NOT USE LOW FAT)
2 large peeled onions (cut up)
1 medium size diced up carrot
4 big tbs. rinsed sprigs of parsley torn up with no stems
Salt and black pepper

Put 4 quarts of cold water in to a 6-quart pot. I use aluminum cooking pots because
all other metals tend to burn the food too easily.  Cut the onions and potatoes in
to about half inch chunks.  Dice up one medium sized carrot.  Put the cut up potatoes,
onions, and the diced up carrot in to the pot.  Put the torn up parsley in to the pot.
Put in about a half teas. of  salt and black pepper.  Boil on medium heat until carrots
and potatoes are fork tender.  Put the sour cream in to a container or bowl and using a
fork GRADUALLY mix a little COLD water in with it until smooth (until little or no lumps
and just so you can pour it in nicely).  Then add this smoothened sour cream mixture in
with the soup in the pot.  Stir well. Serve and get warmed!  Tastes much better the next
day after the soup has been chilled and has set awhile then reheated.  This soup is sure
to grow on you.  DELICIOUS and LIGHT!  Also good for breakfast on very cold winter mornings
so when you go outside you definitely will not feel that winter chill.  Simple and one of
my favorites.  NOTE:  Sour cream brands are NOT equal.  Keep trying different brands of
sour cream until you find a brand that you like.