I’m not a big fan of Italian foods normally, but I do have a couple favorites.  One of
which is a good sauce.  I do not find basic meat/herb flavored sauces exciting enough.
Here I present a better “full-bodied” sauce that still retains the classic tastes of
original sauce recipes.  This is my own recipe that evolved after years of trying other
people’s authentic Italian recipes and testing my own amendments.  I’m sure you’ll like
it.  No better sauce can be found in my opinion.

6 qt. Pot
1 lb. Italian sausage in casing, 1 lb. Lean ground meat
Parsley, quarter of a carrot, half stalk of celery
One green pepper, 1 large red onion
Two Tbs. of wasabi powder (found in any Asian food store)
Six cloves of peeled garlic, half-inch slice of Velveeta cheese
One drained 4-oz. can of mushroom pieces, one 28-oz. can of whole tomatoes
One 28 oz. can of plain tomato sauce, one cut up “fresh” tomato (optional)
Three tbs. of sugar, one teas. of MSG, one teas. paprika, two teas. chili powder
One teas. curry powder, 3 teas. ground mustard, three basil leaves or one teas of
dry basil, Three tbs. dry oregano, one teas. salt and black pepper, one teas. turmeric
powder, One teas. of dry dill, 1 six ounce can of tomato paste 

Cut up (diced almost minced) the following into small pieces:

About a half a handful of parsley, one quarter of a carrot, one half of a celery stalk,
one green pepper, one large red onion, six peeled cloves of garlic (mince), one half
inch slice of Velveeta brand cheese (cubed in to one inch pieces).

Now right in the pot sauté the Italian sausage in a little olive oil until browned on
both sides and cooked well. When done remove the sausage and set aside.  Turn heat off

Then slice your cooked Italian sausage into rough half inch slices.  Turn heat back on
medium. Then put the one pound of lean ground meat into the pot and sauté’ until cooked.
Drain off any grease from the pot if you think there is too much but make sure some
remains however.  Now place the sausage pieces back into the pot with the ground meat.
Add one 4 oz. can of drained mushroom pieces.  Mix well and cook one minute.  

Next put the chopped onion, green pepper, and garlic into the pot.  Mix well.  Cook until
onions are cooked (kinda transparent) and green peppers are well softened.  Keep stirring

Next put the following spices into a small bowl:  One teas. paprika, two teas. chili powder,
one teas. curry powder, three teas. ground mustard, three fresh sweet basil leaves or one
teas. dry basil, three heaping tbs. of dry oregano, one teas. salt (Lawry’s Seasoned Salt
brand is very highly recommended), one teas. fresh ground black pepper, one teas. turmeric,
one teas. dry dill, and two Tbs. of wasabi powder (found in any Asian food store).  Mix
these together in the small bowl.  Add this spice mixture into the pot and mix well.
Then add one 6-oz. can of tomato paste and mix in but do not over mix.  Then cook
everything in the pot for about three minutes stirring occasionally.

Next add one 28-oz. can of whole tomatoes plus one 28-oz. can of plain tomato sauce.
Then add one cut up fresh tomato, three tbs. of sugar, and one teas. of MSG.  Then add
the cut up parsley, carrot, celery, and cheese.  

Stir the pot well.  Cover.

Simmer the whole thing on very low heat for two and a half hours.  Stir often so it
doesn’t burn or stick on the bottom.  It should just bubble softly every now and then.
After two and a half hours turn off heat.

Ladle over any kind of cooked noodles and enjoy.  This sauce is even good for just
dipping chunks of unsliced bread into.  Delicious.  

You can cut the sausage into two inch pieces instead of half inch pieces for an
even heartier meal.

Different wasabi powders vary.  Some wasabi powders are way too hot.  If this happens
to you in this recipe then omit it the next time.  Never use wasabi PASTE.