Here’s an easy, yummy recipe that evolved from my tuna casserole  recipe.  I found
that casseroles are another example of rampant overkill in cooking methodology.  It
is much simpler and tastier to approach making these types of dishes by using a
non-baked strategy.  I present here a very tasty dish that can be made all year long
with out having to light a hot oven.  This dish can be re-warmed anytime for an even
increased flavor.

1 pound of any flat noodles
2  six-ounce cans of  chunky tuna packed in water
One 10 ounce can cream of mushroom soup or cream of celery soup 
1 medium onion minced
Cajun spice seasoning (found in any supermarket in a shaker)
Black pepper, onion powder, ACCENT’ food flavor enhancer
Half a can of mixed vegetables, mayonnaise, 3 sliced hard boiled eggs

Boil a pound of noodles for about twenty minutes or until cooked (I prefer flat
noodles).  Drain into a strainer and rinse with HOT water then dump the cooked noodles
back into the empty pot.  To this add a 10 ounce  can of cream of mushroom soup, 1 medium
minced onion, half teaspoon of Cajun spice seasoning (found in any supermarket in a
shaker), quarter teaspoon black pepper, quarter teaspoon onion powder, a couple shakes
of ACCENT’ food flavor enhancer (MSG), half a can of canned mixed vegetables (drained),
and two cans of tuna packed in water (not drained).  Mix thoroughly with a large spoon.
Now throw in 3 whopping tablespoons of mayonnaise and 3 sliced hard boiled eggs and mix
thoroughly.  Add some water only if necessary so that the mixture is somewhat watery
and not stiff.  Mix again.  Put the mixture into a large serving bowl.  Serve with fresh
Italian bread and enjoy.  PERFECT for picnics or anytime!

I just boil the eggs right in with the noodles for 20 minutes then pull them out, cool
in cold water, and slice.  A cheap wire egg slicer sold for about a dollar is perfect for

Casserole version:  

Stir in several cubes of any kind of cheese to the above mixture.  Put in casserole dish
or small roasting pan with cover and sprinkle top moderately with some bread crumbs and
then some parmesan cheese.  Bake in oven at 350 degrees until top of casserole is darkish
brown and cheese in the middle of the casserole is completely melted (about 20 minutes to
45 minutes).  You may uncover and raise temperature for the last few minutes to brown the
top better.

In either case, both versions of this recipe are excellent served HOT.  A microwave is
perfect for this purpose.  To warm up later, serve some out in a microwaveable dish, add
a little water, place a pat of butter on top, sprinkle lightly with garlic powder,
microwave until hot, give it a stir, and serve.  EXCELLENT!  Also good served cold as a
pasta salad.