It took me fifteen years to learn how to cook lamb properly.  After many miserable,
failed attempts, I discovered this recipe.  Lamb is often a meat that many people
do not like.  But this recipe will change many of their minds.  This has got to be
the best meal you can make for Christmas Eve or other solemn holidays.  Very festive
and savory.  After making this recipe make sure you use the recipe found in this
cookbook to make the gravy to liberally pour over this meal to complete it.  I always
wondered how people made such good roast lamb meals.  Well here it is!  

3-4 pound lamb roast (with a squarish shape, NOT with a chicken drum stick shape)
Suitably sized roasting pan with lid and wire rack for inside
Half teaspoon salt and pepper, 1 teaspoon dry crushed store bought oregano (in a shaker)
1 whole garlic bulb, 2 medium sized onions, 3 tablespoons lemon juice (any kind)
Meat thermometer (Absolutely essential for cooking roast lamb!) Buy in supermarket.
The recipe in this book for making the gravy for this roast! 

First, make sure you buy or order a lamb roast from your butcher or supermarket meat
department that has a “squarish” shape.  Do NOT buy the leg of lamb roast that has a
shape like that of a chicken drum stick. Often the good “kinda square-looking”  roasts
can be found right in the supermarket’s meat case.  Usually lamb is offered during the
spring season.  But you definitely CAN find them during other times of the year too,
frozen or fresh.  But the younger the lamb the better!

Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.

In a small bowl make a mixture of half teaspoon of salt, half teaspoon of pepper, and
1 teaspoon of oregano.  RUB this dry mixture GENEROUSLY ALL OVER the roast with your
bare hand.  Get the “rub” in to ever nook and cranny of the roast surface making sure
that the entire roast has the rub on it.  (If you need to make more rub mixture do so.)
Next, using a small knife punch about 8 small slots in the roast about three quarters
of an inch deep. (Make about 4 slots on each side of the roast spread out evenly.)  Plug
each slot with a PEELED garlic clove (a whole garlic bulb is broken in to sections called
“cloves”).  Get a suitably sized roasting pan (with lid) and also buy a wire rack that
fits nicely inside it.  The rack will keep the roast up off the bottom of the roasting
pan so it won’t get too greasy and will roast evenly on all sides--- NECESSARY!  Now
place the roast on the wire rack in the roasting pan.  Next cut up two medium sized
peeled onions and spread around in the bottom of the roasting pan (put a few pieces on
the top of the roast too for flavor).  Pour 1 cup of cold water in to the bottom of the
roasting pan (do not pour directly over the roast or you will rinse off the dry “rub”
mixture!)  Put one tablespoon of lemon juice evenly over the top of the roast (put a
couple drops in to the slots you cut too).  Just put the lemon juice on the top of the
roast, not the bottom. Make another thin slot (about one and a half inches deep) in the
top of the roast somewhere kinda on an angle and not near any bone.  Place the meat
thermometer in it. Situate the meat thermometer so that the lid can close completely.
If you don’t do it right the first time, make a new slot and try placing the meat
thermometer in some other way so that the thermometer is in about one and a half inches
and so that the pan cover seats well.  Cover the pan and bake the roast in the preheated
450-degree oven for 20 minutes ONLY,  then baste with a tablespoon of lemon juice again.
Now reduce the heat to 350 degrees.  Bake until the meat thermometer says 187 degrees
(baste with a tablespoon of lemon juice once more sometime BEFORE the roast is done).
Takes about one and a half hours.  

Turn off heat and remove lid from roasting pan.  Let roast sit for 5 minutes before
removing from pan, slicing, and serving.  Make sure you use the gravy recipe found in
this book for making the gravy for this roast.  

Idea:  Put in a couple peeled potatoes around the roast while cooking the roast if you
want nice roast potatoes with your meal. Mmm.  Pour gravy over them too.  

NOTE:  This recipe does NOT work well with a regular beef or pork roast.  Use this
recipe only for roast lamb.


This is a very high class meal.