This is my momís familyís recipe.  It is so simple and quick to make and almost fool proof.
The taste is divine.  I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we have throughout the generations. 

Half stick butter
Paprika powder (found in any spice section of any grocery store).
1 large red chopped onion 
8-10  thawed and rinsed chicken thighs or breasts
Salt & black pepper
1 pint sour cream

In a 6-qt. pot with a lid, place one half-stick butter.  Turn on the burner on low heat.
When the butter has melted (donít burn) add about one good measured heaping tablespoon of
paprika (found on all spice shelves in stores).  Stir this around and cook for about 1
minute.  Then place chopped onions in pot and mix all together.  Cook this about four
minutes.  Mmmm, the smell!  Now simply dump about eight thawed and rinsed chicken thighs
or breasts in the pot.  Stir it all up making sure that the chicken gets all covered with
the sauce in the pot.  Add about a quarter teaspoon salt and pepper.  Stir it all up again
well. Cover. Let simmer on low heat for about an hour (or until chicken is cooked tender)
stirring once or twice during the cooking process.  Always make sure the lid is on when not
stirring.  After an hour (or when chicken is done), dump in a pint tub of sour cream. Cover
and let sour cream sit as a blob for about four minutes.  Then stir everything up well.
Cover and cook for another five minutes.  Turn off heat and EAT!    Heavenly!

Serve over cooked rice, noodles, or green beans if you wish.