Q:   Will cheese keep when traveling in a car during those hot summer days?
A:    Yes!  It will keep if you follow these simple instructions:
- Have your cheese double-bagged when traveling for more than two days.
- If you have air-conditioning in your car, keep your cheese up front where it
  is cool.
- If you are traveling for more than two days without air-conditioning, it is 
  advisable  to use an ice chest.
- Do not put cheese in the trunk of your car.  This is the hottest place.

Q:   When cheese gets moldy, are you able to cut the mold off and eat the rest of the cheese?
A:    Yes!  Cut off about one inch from the mold.  The rest of the cheese should be fine to eat.

Q:   Can you freeze cheese?
A:    Yes!  You can freeze cheese by following these steps:
1. Wrap cheese in freezer paper.  
2. Freeze one pound, either sliced or chunked, at a time.
3. Never freeze a crumbly cheese like cheddar, it gets mushy.
4. To thaw - Take cheese out of the freezer and let it thaw out in the
   refrigerator slowly.  This will keep the cheese from crumbling.  Slices
   will pull apart also.  
5. It is possible for cheese to be frozen up to 6 to 8 weeks.

 Cheese will last 5 or 6 days without refrigeration by leaving on its
  protective wrap.

 For best flavor, serve cheese at room temperature.