Amish cheese can be considered among the best cheese. This Cheese is produced by Ohio
Amish in the heart of Amish country in Middlefield Ohio, one of the largest Amish
communities in the world. The production of this particular cheese is closely held by
the Amish culture there. They make just enough of it to satisfy specific demands.
Amazingly, they manage to produce many cheese types in their facility. Among the Amish
cheese produced is smoked cheese. There is wonderfully natural smoked cheddar cheese.
Other types of cheese are sharp cheddar cheese, habanero, farmer's, brick, monterey jack,
colby, white cheddar, horseradish, and marbled. If you're looking for a unique specialty
cheese then this is the place. A cheese gift is a good idea for the food fancier who may
be looking for a new gourmet cheese. An Amish store is pretty hard to find even in Amish
country. Cheese shops are few and far between. But you can get it right here. Just click
on the link at the top. You can also find a few recipes now and then for things such as
cheese sauce and Amish recipes. You will find that this cheese also melts and grates